What Does Your Donation To #GourdsForGood Support?

WAREHOUSE OF HOPE, Paulding Co. is a local food bank that feeds hundreds of families each week in Paulding and Douglas Counties. They provide food, baby items, clothing, school supplies, counsel, and more to those in need. Supporting this vital community ministry is especially critical during these “pandemic days” of 2020.

For more info check out www.warehouseofhope.com

C.A.Y.A. (Come As You Are) Reconciliation Ministries, Dallas, GA is a Christ-centered, non-profit charitable services outreach ministry serving the materially poor both locally and internationally. In addition to the local community, they also serve in several countries in Africa and Latin America in partnership with other ministries.

CAYA seeks to positively affect lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally with the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They work individually as well as collaboratively with other ministries and organizations in order to partner with the materially poor to help them effect positive change in their life circumstances through food banks, Thanksgiving and Christmas food distribution, summer lunch programs for needy kids, and this year COVID lunch deliveries to children during quarantine. They also work to fill the needs of families in the community beyond food, meeting them at their point of need and helping them move forward.

For more info check out www.cayaministries.com

ENGAGE BURKINA is a ministry partnership with missionaries and local churches in Burkina Faso in West Africa. The efforts include drilling fresh water wells, building churches, and ministering to the needs of the people of the second poorest nation in the world. Ministries include education, medical, orphans, handicapped, and more.

For more info check out www.engageburkina.com

PAULDING PREGNANCY SERVICES offers free and confidential services to women in crisis. Services include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal & parenting classes, ongoing classes to help educate and care for families, and post-abortion counseling. They have been serving women and families experiencing unexpected pregnancies for over 20 years. Their professional staff and volunteers provide up-to-date information about pregnancy, abortion procedures, and adoption. They serve all individuals regardless of age, sex, marital status, ethnicity, faith/religious belief, and sexual orientation. All of their services are free and confidential, all in a safe, judgement-free environment.

SEND RELIEF PUERTO RICO Send Relief is a ministry of the North American Mission Board. We have sponsored partnerships in Puerto Rico the last couple of years sending teams to help re-roof houses destroyed by hurricanes the last several years. Even now, 3-4 years after the fact, people are still displaced from homes because they have no roofs. In addition, last year’s earthquakes have made things more difficult for so many. We have partnerships with local churches to minister to people in need in Puerto Rico and help them get back into their homes once again.